Monday, October 24, 2016

My Latest Posh Posh Is Up

In this one Chris and I talk geek topics and our top five scary movies for Halloween. I have to thank him for keeping me on the show. When I joined there was about a dozen people fighting to get on and I drove them all away with my personality. We can't even PAY someone to join the two of us in an hour long discussion on INTERESTING topics. So thank you Chris again for putting up with me. I need and love this outlet. I don't get the chance to talk this stuff with anyone. But I have to be honest with all of you - I am GREAT at this. No dead air. I give good blog so if others don't want to podcast with me then I can't help that. That is beyond my power to control. I got my own brand to maintain.


More Art From Back In The Day - Kitties In Pastel


Morning Captions

Minimalist Posters For John Carpenter films

I Just Got The Call

Well it seems that our Sophie IS a lost cat who was an indoor cat for TEN years (thought she looks like a kitten) who got outside at the end of July. The owner looked all over and never found her and thought she was dead until she got my call. I used to leave food outside that the Admiral wouldn't eat and that must be what kept her going. But how did she stay in such great shape for three months on the run?? Now that I know she has an owner I am going to try to nab her and get her back home. This is why you tag your kitty so that they can be returned home if lost.


She Makes Me Pancakes Too

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