Saturday, March 25, 2017

Just Amazing


I Like These Collages By CCD Original Reproductions.

8x10 #OriginalReproduction collage on wood board box canvas created from The Falcon #Issue1. My buddy Mike created these and is holding an art show tonight in New York. I hope he sells out because these are excellent. I might have him commission me a Squirrel Girl or a Spider-Gwen.



If You Get The Joke Then You Are My People


Saturday With The Super Girls


From The Caturday Files


I Can't Even Begin To Care

Breaks your heart when a trophy wife isn't happy with her lavish lifestyle.

Colorforms Men from Outer Space, 1968


I loved these toys back in the day because they were cheap and many came with bubble helmets which I love. I wish I would have known how rare and popular they would become. I had a chance in the early 90s to get all of these on card but I got poached at the last second on EBay when EBay was a toy collector's dream.

Beautiful Nier Automata Cosplay Pictures


I am in love with this cosplay.